Quality of our processes

GMV Eurolift, S.A. works with a management system for the business processes, integrated in the company’s improvement strategy, with the aim of doing exactly what our customers want, bringing them more added value, making things better, faster and more efficiently than the competition. Our processes are customer-oriented, to provide them with products and services which will exceed their expectations, designed to eliminate the source of errors, without passing on defects. All these processes are based on a total quality management system, following the provisions of the ISO 9001:2000 standard. All the procedures are at all times directed to the search for continuous improvement and ensuring our customers’ complete satisfaction, from conception of the products to delivery to the customer. Our work is focused on continuous improvement with the aim of “zero defects”, and it is characterized by the measures implemented to prevent defects in all areas. Our quality management ensures that customers’ needs are identified, and that the systems are in a condition to meet them. Customers can be external (the end customer), or internal (the next operation).

Continuous adaptation to applicable regulations

iso9001At GMV, we study and work to learn about the requirements of current regulations, and we make every effort to apply them to the company’s activities and products, by planning the different activities and processes. All the products on sale at GMV Eurolift, S.A. have been made in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the EN 81.2 regulation.

Download GMV Eurolift ISO 9001 Here.


GMV Eurolift, S.A.’s management is quality-based and oriented to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved. The Company focuses on understanding and satisfying the customer, providing products and services exceeding their expectations and needs. GMV Eurolift, S.A. is committed to complying with current legal and statutory requirements. Continuous Improvement enables us to increase the efficiency of our processes, and it is based on: - The participation of all its members. - Cost-effectiveness orientation. - Speedy, transparent communication. - Recognition of efforts. - Monitoring of results and indicators. - Teamwork.

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